La CASCATA SPA, il benessere a 4 stelle!

Centro Benessere ed Estetico

Immerse yourself in the warmth of our sophisticated and welcoming Cascata Spa: a real 500 square meter wellness temple of whirlpools, water games, cervical and phlebological waterfall jets, hydromassage pools, geysers … and more, showers emotional with chromotherapy, bio sauna, Finnish sauna, turkish bath … in collaboration with the beauty and wellness center Q-esthetique, in addition, we offer guests a wide range of beauty treatments and massages highly professional and effective, customizable according to the needs of the customer himself.


  • Pool, whirlpool therapy aeraulic.
  • Massage therapy for the treatment phlebologic water and muscle.
  • Falls hydro-massage for the neck.
  • Emotional tunnel , showers with different intensity, spray the tropical and chromotherapy.


  • Bio-wooden sauna (perfumed oil – cedar) and glass full of equipment for audio-corm therapy.
  • Finnish sauna and glass high temperature.
  • Steam produced in the style of the ancient baths with stones, mosaics and marble.


Taking advantage of all the benefits of hydrotherapy, the whirlpool favors the drainage of body fluids through water pressure and through the alternation of hot and cold temperature, which has decontracting power, stimulate circulation and have a tonic and reactivating effect. A varied and varied path, carried out in each of its components, restores the body to the psycho-physical balance and the harmony necessary to face the everyday.


The sauna is a revitalizing wellness treatment that helps eliminate toxins through perspiration, trains the cardio-circulatory system, improving the blood circulation of the peripheral tissues and the skin and stimulates the metabolism, purifying the whole skin and making it more toned and elastic.
Performed regularly improves nighttime sleep, affects mood and body well-being. It increases the immune defenses reducing the risk of colds, influences and inflammatory pathologies and trains the body to thermal changes.
The regenerating heat is the fundamental ingredient to purify the whole body, keeping it young and vital.
It is precisely the effective use of heat baths that allows us to combine physical health with a purifying action that guarantees total psycho-physical well-being for the body and mind.


The Turkish bath is not a simple aesthetic treatment, but a real healing therapy, just for the benefits it gives. In the first place, it purifies the skin thanks to the large quantity of hot steam, favoring the dilation of the pores and the expulsion of toxins and waste that accumulate in the epidermis, making the skin healthier and hydrated.
Secondly, it purifies the organism, since, by causing sweating, it eliminates most of the toxic substances present in our vital organs. Moreover, it is also useful in counteracting cellulite, as it favors the elimination of excess fluids that stagnate in the subcutaneous tissues.
It is also useful for relieving joint pain and for combating acne, dermatitis and rheumatic pains.


The benefits of alternating hot and cold environments are known and used as a tool for wellbeing and prevention. Today we know how much this practice can benefit the good functioning of the whole organism in a true “holistic regeneration.

Between one area and another will be interposed small islands of refreshment and relaxation consisting of comfortable solid wood chaise longue for moments of rest and distributors of juices and drinks.

The whole environment is aromatized with natural essences, soft light effects and light natural fragrances.