Wabba 22/23 may 2021

Events dance Palaborsani 13/15 may 2021

POINT 23/25 Aprile 2021

Extraordinary opening of the Certosa di Milano from 23 September

From 23 September, for all coming Saturdays and Sundays, the fifteenth-century Certosa di Milano, in Garegnano, will be accessible to the public thanks to the Open for you initiative, organized by Touring Club. Founded in 1349 by Archbishop Giovanni Visconti, the Charterhouse was subsequently enlarged and restructured towards the end of the 16th century. Visitors, […]

Covid 19

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1 ^ SWORD CADET TEST 12/13 October 2019

First National Sword Cadets test masculine and feminine PALABORSANI Castellanza – via per Legnano, 3 12. 13 Ottobre 2019 inizio gare ore 9:00 INGRESSO GRATUITO