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Expo 2015

EXPO 2015

expo 2015

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

On show at Expo 2015: the great issues of sustainable development.

Expo 2015 will be an extraordinary universal event displaying tradition, creativity and innovation in the business of food. It will bring together many themes that have already been handled by this event in the past, and set them out anew in light of new global possibilities whose common core is the idea that everyone on the planet should have access to food that is healthy, safe and sufficient.

Food is vital for the sustainable development of good quality, reliably available nutrition, respect for the fundamental life needs of every human being, and health.

Expo 2015: the frontiers of science and technology:

  • the preservation of biodiversity, protecting the environment as agriculture’s ecosystem, safeguarding food quality, safety, and reliability, and educating people in nutrition for health and personal well-being;
  • identifying the best tools for monitoring, control, and innovation (starting with forms of biotechnology that do not threaten the environment or health), so as to ensure the availability of healthy, nutritious food and water that is safe for drinking and irrigation;
  • securing new dependable sources of food in parts of the world afflicted by famines, where agriculture is under-developed or threatened by deforestation, desertification, or drought, or where inland and marine fish stocks are dwindling.

Expo 2015: a world of opportunities for promotion and communication
Expo 2015 offers a great communication and promotion venue for primary producing communities, farmers, food firms, the logistics and distribution chain, the restaurant and catering industry, research centres, and any company seeking:

  • to make the most of innovation and production technologies that generate a healthy food product;
  • to do business in food preparation and conservation, enhance the professional skills of their managers and staff, and improve their communication with the consumer;
  • to guarantee the quality of their food by using appropriate protection and monitoring systems to combat counterfeiting and adulteration.